Monday, January 11, 2010

New year, changes that I can believe in.

I still have approximately 1/2 year more before I graduate with a degree in comp sci. Quite a few changes to my life at the turn of the year, mainly:
  • Quit my part time job selling apples (the job's fine, but I lacked the time to code!) Gonna write a fun game from now. ;D
  • Cleaned up quite a bit of my room, less clutter (but still a wee bit too cluttered, gonna work on it. And keeping my desk neat at the end of every day.
  • Changed the location of my mouse to left handed, my right wrist still hurts since I fell and landed on it around a year ago.
  • etc.
I'm gonna spend more time on coding and have convinced myself to purchase a new monitor (despite the tight budget I'm working with). My current one (17") isn't really big enough, especially when I'm using virtual machine + looking at the documentations, google, etc. And hey, having 2 monitors is the 1st item on The Programmer's Bill of Rights.

This year, my personal motto would be "Making things happen". Or maybe it should be every year? Cheers.

GPGT. Above's the picture of my room. The 2 monitors hooked up to my Kubuntu desktop - running off the onboard HD3200 (AMD 780G chipset), with fglrx. Works kinda smooth, but I turned off the desktop effects for better performance (Video frame-rate wasn't that high with the desktop effects turned on).

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